From here you will find the different items you can eat for lunch, some pre made for speed and some pre made for on the go and of course some you can just eat.


I like to eat wraps a lot, and this does not even do justice to the amount of different ones I have eaten, some for at the time and some each day at work, Cheap to buy and in my personal opinion probably better than white bread. Always on the look out for new fillings though so please share!

Crispy Baked Avocado Wedges

This actually tastes really good and one I think I will have at least once a month, the only cost implication for me was the panko breadcrumbs. That being said I think I will get at least 4 portions out of the packet and so I can live with that.

Mushroom Pasta

Any vegans out there this one is for you, but it can easily have meat added. I tried with and without and actually recommend it without. As a bonus I took this from the £1 meals so know this is a cheap one, and as it uses soya cream 42% less fat so healthier than a non vegan version perhaps.