So pretty much at least 4 or 5 days a week I eat a wrap for my lunch, I must confess when I first started having a wrap my body was less than impressed and at times my afternoon pop corn snack would be eaten straight after it. In addition to help with this I kept buying more diet drinks, but finally after about 6 weeks I think (yes it did take that long!) my body finally realised that was all I was eating and stopped craving more I want to say. I however to reward it have tried a few different fillings and would love to hear what others have tried or suggest.


So, starting with the wraps, I don’t look at calories I must confess I look at use by date, and I should add these are the same wraps I used for pizza so I can easily eat a pack of 8 on my own in a week and frequently eat more. Cheapest I have found with the best shelf life? Lidl at 79p by far the best but if you can find cheaper let me know as I am always open to cheaper.

I have also tried Waitrose essential wraps which is a £1 but watch the shelf life, for a family of 4 not a problem, but for me I’d never eat them in time! Waitrose also do a sweet chilli coming in at £1.25 which are nice but that is when I run out mid week!

Base Sauce

Now, I am guilty here of using houmous, houmous or houmous! You make notice a pattern  but I really like it. However, interesting fact, if you buy the caramelised onion houmous  (69p sorry can’t find a link to it) from Lidl it has less calories than the low fat version (65p). I do not always look at the calories to be honest I would normally buy the low fat if cheaper, but wanted to check the difference and was surprised to notice the onion was lower, a win/win for me as I love onions and it only cost 4p more! I should also add not everyone wants a base I just add it as an alternative to butter to bread I suppose.


Now where do I start! I started out with halloumi cheese and tomatoes sliced but in my earlier blogs you can see my comments on cheese so although I still use that, I do also now tend to use mozzarella as well, it doesn’t last as long but is better than having all that salt 5 days a week! I also have at times added red onion, avocado, chick peas, fried egg, tuna, many different variations! My favourite when home for lunch though was bake chickpeas with fried egg and avocado as suggested by my niece, this is to die for!

So here are some of the wraps I have eaten.

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