Mango Lassi

This may appear an odd choice to put under snacks, but based on the fact it can range in calories, so has some value to your body I chose to place it here. This also came about when trying to overcome my ‘issues’ with fizzy drinks. Ironically I had my first taste of this drink in Thailand and it would every day be my drink of choice when sitting by the pool, (okay maybe I would have a mojito or two as well!) Anyway, I always assumed for some strange reason this was a Thai drink, however, when out for an Indian the other day I saw this on the menu, and when I got home did a little research and discovered not only is it from India, you can actually make it yourself rather easily!

So I did look at many recipes online and took my roughly from Jamie Olivers’ recipe. I will list all the different version below though as it could have come from any of them!

So you can find easy recipes from here: Jamie – 77 cal     Simple Recipes – no cal given   BBC Good Food – 131 cal   The Happy Foodie – no cal given   The Wanderlust Kitchen – no cal given.

As you can see the recipes have a similarity about them, and actually although not shown here they range from 77 to 350 calories. Definitely a snack and not just a drink.


  • 1 ripe mango (mine was not ripe enough, see my future comments)
  • 2fl oz semi skimmed milk ideally (mine wasn’t I used what I had in the fridge)
  • 4fl oz low fat natural yogurt.
  • Some agave syrup (must confess I just squirted some in, see the images.)


  • Cut up the mango
  • Place all ingredients in a large dish just and blitz with a hand blender until creamy smooth.
  • Serve and eat immediately.

I would like to add here, as my mango was not totally fresh, it was slightly grainy in texture that no amount of blending would get rid of. The mango was £1 and the yogurt and milk would be less than £1 so a reasonable price and this served 2 I should add. Later I am going to try it with tinned mango, but will not be adding the agave syrup. The mango is in juice which, although I will drain it off, will add a sweetness to it without me needing to add more.

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